Friday, 9 November 2012

The Charm of Fashion

Fashion - the F word that when you open a magazine, you see those amazing leather leggings and you think that you can almost smell the smell of new leather, you see those Jimmy Choo high heels and desperately you want to walk in those shoes down the streets, you see those Prada dress and without notice, you say: "I want them!",... As a Fashionista, you could say that you know fashion, you love fashion and you are fashion, but to understand what fashion truly is, to know how important fashion is and to know what fashion means to you, it's a total different story.

Choose to join the glamorous world of fashion is like step into a "Hunger Game" as I could say, only if you have the courage to express yourself through what you wear, to stand out from the crowd, to inspire people by your style, your own style, to turn yourself into "It Girl", you won't be fade into other young designers or stylish who also have that passion and big love for fashion, to survive this game. Being apart of fashion is not to become a slave of those fashion pages in your monthly magazines but to know how to combine that scarf, that shoes, that shade,... into an outfit which is called "MY STYLE", and that "my style" not just only help you to stand out but to express yourself through it, make it to become a tool to give you confident and when you dress on that outfit and walk on that street, you turn that street into a catwalk of your own show that any one who walk pass you have to turn their heads back and say: "Look at that girl!".

Inimitable, being inimitable is a very best key to open that glory door for you to the top fashion world but not any one could be like that. Just let go off all the rules, take risks in what you wear ( sometimes indeed, actually ), express what you feel, what you think and what you like through it. Be you, and more important, be "It Girl"!

What I think of fashion may different from you, whoever reading this but what I really mean to say is:  "This is fashion! The F word that when you walk by that Danny & George, Chanel, Dior or Mary Jane store, what you want is to put those clothes on and walk confident on your catwalk or being one of them, the great and amazing designers who give life the precious gift, Fashion."

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