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Top 5 tips on how to wear colors

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Wearing colorful clothes add life to any kind of women’s outfit. But not all colors look good on everybody. Some colors may flaunt the body type of the wearer, or to others, may make them look bigger and fuller. To solve this problem, we will give you tips on how to best wear colors to make you look slimmer!
1. Embrace Darker Colors
Darker colors like black, brown, gray, and others, have the power to make you look slim. It is important to wear darker colors on your problem areas that you don’t want to give attention.
Say with Kim Kardashian, who has big thighs. She opted to wear black pants to balance her big thighs and full breasts. As with Jennifer Hudson, who is both heavy on top and bottom, opted to wear black bolero to conceal her big arms, and black pants to tone-down her legs.

2. Go monochrome
When in doubt, pull-off a monochromatic outfit. Wearing outfits in monochromatic color gives you a slimmer illusion. Best colors you can wear all-out are nude, black, white, grey, brown, royal blue, and red. By wearing colors in this way, the color block on your entire outfit balances everything, and does not give focus on one area only.
Look at Beyonce’s white ensemble, she wore white tee matched with white skinny jeans. The whole white look veers away attention to her wide hips, and balances her curves.Meanwhile, Tyra Banks went fiery in her red ensemble! Her red outfit from head to toe makes her look sexier, without giving too much attention to her big hips.

3. Not much of shiny clothes
Beautiful as it may seem to see yourself shine in a sparkling dress, or shiny pants, but then again, wearing shiny colors like gold, silver, bronze and other metallic hues, need proper handling. Shiny clothes tends to reflect light and is too attention-grabbing. So make sure that you wear these colors on your best areas, and never on your problem areas.

Take for inspiration, full-figured Drew Barrymore who looks so slim in her sparkling top paired with a plain black cropped pants. She chose to highlight her upper body, particularly her curvy waist and slim arms. She knew the sparkle of her bejeweled top will give focus on her lower abdomen, so she tucked the top in and pulled her pants up to her belly-button to avoid showing her flab.
On the other side, J.Lo flaunted her curvy body by wearing a metallic bodycon dress, giving much attention to her body and her beautiful abs, less flab.

4. Avoid bright colors
Same thing as the metallic hues, bright colored clothes easily draws attention to areas, only that, they not reflect light and sparkle. Bright colors like orange, yellow, neon colors, hot pink, and the like, expose wider angle on your body. Make sure you’ll wear these colors on the right areas to flaunt your best asset.

Let’s take a look on Rihanna’s orange pants. She rocked it so well, that when you see her from afar, you would draw your attention to her long slim legs.

5. Color combination
The key secret to wear colors is the proper combination of it. Mix light colors and dark colors properly, in a way that flaunts your body type and compliments to your skin tone. If you are wearing a dark bottom to conceal your legs, go for a lighter shade of top to emphasize your torso, waist, and chest. In this way, you can pull attention to areas that should be given focus.
Look at how slim and proportioned Kim’s body, in her yellow top, and dark jeans. In this outfit she wants to focus on her upper part rather than her curvy hips. In this manner, she veers away from looking too curvy. On the other hand, Rihanna opts to emphasize her hips by wearing her red and silver bandage skirt.

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